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A must have for any recovery kit! Super heavy duty 3/4 inch D-ring with isolators to protect your recovery rope, and won’t rattle!


  • 3/4″ d-ring shackle with isolators
  • 4.75 ton pull rating
  • Threaded shaft for easy installation
  • Isolators are removable and prevent rattle
  • Durable texture black powder coat finish with red isolators


• Textured coat finished should be cleaned ONLY with a mild soap on a damp sponge.
• BA recommends wiping down the product with a light coat of lubricate (i.e. WD40) periodically to maintain its luster.
• DO NOT apply polish or wax that requires buffing for removal as this may damage the finish.
• DO NOT coat the product with any type of shine such as Tire Shire or glossy aerosol or gel. This can cause discoloration, staining or bubbling.

Warranty Information

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Body Armor 4×4 (BA) warrants to the original purchaser that these products will be free from defects in material and workmanship prior to shipping and/or installation for the life of the product. This non-transferable limited lifetime warranty does not cover damage or impairment in any part due to misuse, improper installation, accident or contact with on-road or off-road hazards, product modification, improper or inadequate cleaning and/or maintenance. All other warranties and representations express or implied are hereby disclaimed, including fitness for merchantability and buyer's intended use or purpose. FINISH WARRANTY: The finish is warranted to be free of defects for a period of 3 years from date of purchase. Product(s) that have been abused, altered, incorrectly installed or used in competition are void of said warranty. Surface rust, pitting or discoloration is a direct result of improper maintenance is not covered by this warranty. It is the responsibility of the owner to preserve and maintain the finish of their product(s). In areas where high concentrations of road salts and other corrosive agents are used, rust or damage to the finish may occur if BA product(s) are not properly maintained. Lack of proper maintenance in these areas may void the finish warranty. See below for routine maintenance tips and recommendations.


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