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Privacy Policy

HRG Offroad Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy of your information. We do not, and will not, distribute, disclose, or sell any of your personal information to third parties, other than as required by law or as necessary to process a payment.

During the process of registering on our site, completing fields requesting information, and/or providing payment information, you may be asked to provide your name, address, e-mail, username and password, and where payment is concerned, credit card number, billing address, security code and expiration date.

​When users access our site, we may automatically collect information, including IP addresses and information regarding your use of the site through “cookies” or automatic registration and maintenance of your contacts and preferences.

If you send emails, letters or other such communications, these may be maintained. We may, but are not required to, maintain a record of communications with you regarding Your account.

We will maintain and/or use your information only to:

​(1) Facilitate your viewing of the site and Content,
(2) Communicate with you,
(3) Research to continually improve the site and service, and
(4) To process Your payments and payment information.

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