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The Black Op Tow Strap is a recovery tool specifically made for towing off-road vehicles in a safe and stress-free operation. Using all USA made nylon webbing, bonded nylon thread and Cordura® eye covers this is not your typical off-shore cheap strap. Thoroughly tested and certified for breaking strengths with ratings in-line with USA standards.

Nylon webbing has 6% stretch for controlled shock absorbing towing. Higher visibility day and night with sewn on reflective tape patches. Tough Cordora® covered eyes protects from road abrasion. Certified breaking strengths assures the Black Op Tow Strap has been tested to USA standards. Handy mesh duffle bag for easy and compact storage.

Breaking Strength based on configuration: Vertical: 23,500 lbs, Choker: 18,800 lbs, Basket: 47,000 lbs



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